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Coffee Clubs

We think this is the best way for you to enjoy fresh, delicious coffee.  

Coffee begins the staling process, releasing CO2, immediately after the beans have been roasted. In other words, coffee does not get better with age.   Unfortunately, storage technology such as airtight bags, containers or refrigeration can not stop the release of CO2.  Coffee is at its peak freshness 3–14 days after it has been roasted. This is why we designed our MSR Coffee Club so that members receive a new shipment every two weeks. 

We also think you want choices.

Some members want to explore the variety of the world's finest coffees.  Other members want to have their familiar favorite delivered freshly to enjoy.  So we offer you both.

All of our Coffee Clubs have what you expect from Midwest Specialty Roasters: exceptional beans that are expertly roasted and expressly delivered.  All members receive their delicious coffee within days of being roasted for peak flavor with a resupply coming in so that you always have delicious, fresh coffee. 

If you are looking for a flavor adventure, the Roaster's Choice Club features single-origin coffee selections that our expert roasters carefully handpick as they come into season.  So you will experience the variety of the world's best coffees as harvest seasons change. 

Want your own choice?  A familiar favorite to enjoy month in and month out?  Join one of our regional clubs - the Africa, Asia, or the Americas Club. Our roasters secure enough of these customer favorites to be able to offer them until the next harvest.  If one of these delicious coffees doesn't become one of your favorites, simply let us know.  With selections from our member roasters, we think we can find something you will like.  

Shipped every 2 weeks or monthly.  You decide. 

Exceptional Beans.  Expertly Roasted.  Expressly Shipped.  Enjoy!