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Asia Coffee Club

Asia - Sulawesi Toraja or other regional roastmaster selection

One 12 oz. pouch shipped bi-weekly or monthly.  The cost is per shipment.

Coffee Details: 
Country: Indonesia 
Region: Sulawesi Toraja
Roaster: Cafe Brioso
Farm: Cooperative of small farmers 
Altitude: 1,400 - 1,900 meters 
Varietals:  Various varietals 
Processing:  Semi washed, patio dried 
Tasting Notes: Clean, juicy, sweet.


If for some reason this doesn't become one of your favorites, simply let us know. With selections from our member roasters, we think we can find something you will like.  

10% of the profits will be donated to children's homes and medical clinics in Central America.

Exceptional Beans. Expertly Roasted.  Expressly Shipped.  Experience a better cup of coffee.



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